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Welcome to Ashley Nostalgia!

Old Time Photo Studios are our specialty. 37 years of installing and setting up studios means that you have our expertise on you side. From our bare bones Starter Package to the expansive Theme Park Package, we have just what you need to get your Old Time Photo Studio into the profit column.
We use only the finest fabrics, the best trims, and the widest spectrum of colors for our historical costumes, hats, and props designed for the Old Time Photographer. (Also available with a full back for rental, uniforms, theater, and reenactments) Whether you need costumes for fun or profit our high quality American made Old Time Photo Costumes will last you through many seasons.

We offer all the latest in digital software, photography, and printing equipment hidden in our beautiful hand produced replicas of wood and brass cameras and nickelodeons. They are easy to use but robust enough for any Old Time Photo job.
Our themed wood frames, as well as our paper mattes and posters, are copied from the real old time photo accessories of the 1800’s. They are unique and add the perfect finishing touch. 

One Stop Shop

Everything you need to set up or supply your own Old Time Photo Studio. If all you need is one hat or if you need to design, build, install, and train for a full turnkey studio, Ashley Nostalgia an Old Time Photo and Costume Co. is your one stop old time photo supply shop.

Backgrounds, Green Screen, and 3-D Sets

We have three types of Old Time Photo backgrounds: 3-D sets, painted canvas, and green screen. All of our 3-D sets and painted canvas backdrops are uniquely built for you. Then, add our 200 plus green screens (with the ability to make your own) and your old time photo backdrops will be world class.

Souvenir Photo Management

Ashley Nostalgia currently manages studios in 6 theme parks. We perform front gate photo operations, ride photo operations, and old time photos. Looking for someone to manage your location? Contact us for details.

Contact Us

Ashley Nostalgia




Ashley Nostalgia has taken our 35 years of gained knowledge and experience and packaged it into complete Turn Key Studios. We offer something for every entrepreneur looking to start their own Old Time Photo Studio; from our starter package that is portable and great for doing parties and corporate events, to the Resort Package with costumes, equipment and backdrop for the studio getting up and running, right up to full Premier / Amusement Park set ups with multiple 3 dimensional sets, costumes for multiple eras, and everything needed for a high volume setup. Ashley Nostalgia has the perfect Studio Package for you.



Our costume company, which began because we needed costumes for our own studios, has grown to be the Premier Old Time Photo costume company, shipping quality costumes all over the world. Ashley Nostalgia has supplied period costumes to Old Time Photographers from Hong Kong to Israel, from Spain to England, from South Africa to Australia. Costume Packages can be customized to suit any location or budget.


Sets & Studio Design:

The 3 dimensional sets that we design for our own studios can also be custom designed for your studio. We will work with you to put together a floor plan that will help the flow of traffic as well as incorporate elaborate “eye candy” to attract attention of potential customers.


Studio Supplies:

As well as frames, mats &amp; posters; Ashley Nostalgia supplies all your photographic needs. We supply cameras, printers &amp; printing media, computers &amp; Old Time Photo computer software as well as photographic lighting. All of our products have stood the test of time in both high volume as well as lower volume studios. Ashley Nostalgia is your one stop shopping for all your Old Time Photo needs.


Photographic Services:

Ashley Nostalgia is an Old Time Photography and Costume Company. Not only do we offer Complete Old Time Photo Studios, Authentic Old Time Photo Costumes, Old Time Photo Equipment, and Old Time Photography supplies… We also offer Photographic Services.

<strong>Old Time Photography</strong>
Ashley Nostalgia has over 35 years of experience in the Old Time Photography Industry. We now operate six different Old Time Photography studios in four states. We are an industry leader in the Old Time Photography in both supplies and operations.
Front Gate Photography
We now have over 15 years experience in the Front Gate Photography service. We do front gate photography at four different locations. We pride ourselves on having the best front gate photos that even feature the logo of the location of visit
Ride/Attraction Photography
We added Ride/Attraction Photography to our lineup in 2013 — beginning with just two different roller coasters, one steel and one wooden. Now we have five multiple roller/attraction photo operations on rides ranging from steel, to wood, to water rides! Ashley Nostalgia offers only the best in quality Ride/Attraction Photography.
Santa Photography
We have taken Santa photos at the same location for over 10 years and in 2012 we added a new location to our line up. We offer a unique Santa Photo experience where our guests not only have their photo taken with Santa but also get a few minutes to share with the big man what they want for Christmas.
Private Party/Small Event Photography
We provide options for Private Parties and Small Event venues. If you are interested in adding photography to your next Private Party/Small Event, send us an email and we will let you know our rates.
Corporate Event Photography
We have performed many corporate events, bringing a portable studio to your location is no hassle at all. Give your office something to talk about when you have Ashley Nostalgia show up with Old Time Costumes and a themed backdrop at your next corporate event.