Frequently Asked Questions

Trouble accessing my images?

Update your Browser.
Make sure your browser is the latest version, particularly if you are using Chrome or Internet Explorer.
Try to refresh the page.
If you’ve previously tried locating your photos, try hitting the “refresh” button and then typing in your password again–you may be viewing an older version of the page from before the time your photo was uploaded.
Using a Phone? Try a Computer.
If you’re using a smartphone to view the photos and your images don’t show up; try either a computer or requesting the desktop version of the site (found in your settings).

Photos are not online?

How long has it been since your photos were taken?
Ashley Nostalgia provides our guests a chance to view their photos online for a minimum of 30 days from the date the photo was taken. For some studios, it may take up to three (3) days for photos to show online.

Images not online 
Ashley Nostalgia will make every reasonable effort to have our customers’ images online in a timely manner; however, events beyond our control may prevent or delay the time it takes for images to appear online

Watermarks, Digital Image Turn Around Time, Contrasena isn’t working!

All images shared on social media sites, emailed, or downloaded directly from our website will be displayed with a watermark. The watermark is to protect the intellectual property of Ashley Nostalgia

Digital Image Delivery
Because all Digital orders include a copyright release, which must be processed and removed from our database (still viewable online) – your order may take up to 5 days to arrive! Don’t worry though, it often arrives much sooner!
Contrasena is a Spanish word meaning password – it is not your password.  Please use the barcode number printed on the ticket instead.

Still Having Issues?

At this point, we’ve covered most of the quick checks, I’d recommend submitting a support request